Key benefits of using Microsoft Technology

  • Microsoft Technology Supports Prebuilt Industry Capabilities

    With prebuilt industry capabilities for Professional Services, Service, Distribution, Retail, Manufacturing and Public Sector, Microsoft Dynamics  helps meet your business requirements by deploying your solution quicker and delivering results right away. It supports specific business requirements easier with the prebuilt packaged Industry capabilities in a single solution.

  • Work Smarter & Faster – RoleTailored User Home Page Improving Productivity

    Microsoft Dynamics drives productivity and provides immediate insight to you through the preconfigured  RoleTailored home pages. RoleTailored homepages allows users access to functionality for their role, as well as delivering relevant self-service Business Intelligence, reports and KPI’s to gain critical business data in key business areas that matter to them.

  • Immediate Business Insight – Embedded Business Intelligence

    Improve the insight into your business.  Microsoft Dynamics has pre-built Business Intelligence (BI) content tailored to Roles and Business Scenarios reducing the time it takes to typically implement a BI solution. Being an embedded part of the application, you don’t have to take extra steps of switching tools or context.

    With almost a thousand reports and ‘out of the box’ Business Intelligence you will gain the visibility you need to make decisions at the right time.

  • Minimise the Number of Systems You Need to Run Your Business

    With the breadth of modules, depth of features, workflow capability, BI and the ability to customise within Microsoft Dynamics . You can replace multiple systems so your organisations can minimise the numbers of system it needs to manage your business. With a single solution you can decrease overall IT costs, integrations, IT risks, and have one version of the truth.

  • A Competitive Edge – Drive down the Cost of Doing Business – Embedded Workflow

    Differentiate your business from the competition. The ability to rapidly adapt your system to support your unique needs can give you a significant edge over your competitors. Graphical organisation modelling, which can be linked to workflow configuration, helps you manage change in structure and process easier fostering innovation and driving down the cost of doing business while delivering better processes.

  • Get Everyone on Board – Higher System Adoption

    Employees want to use a solution with a familiar and intuitive user experience that makes their jobs easier, is simple to use and learn. Microsoft Dynamics enables people to find, sort, visualise, and use information through an easy-to-use user interface that looks and works like Microsoft Office. Work easily with everyday tools by sharing data between Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Office 2010, Office 365 and Office 2013.

  • Connect, Collaborate, Document Management - Projects, Employees, Customers, Suppliers

    Easily connect employees, customers, suppliers, and partners through integrated self-service collaboration capabilities. Microsoft Dynamics enables you to streamline collaboration with self-service, Microsoft SharePoint based vendor, customer, employee and project portals. Create SharePoint collaboration and document management sites directly from within Microsoft Dynamics.

  • Grow Your Global Solution

    Removing barriers to international growth is essential for today’s business. Microsoft Dynamics enables you to expand your operations to new geographies with multiple built-in country-specific localisations in a single solution to meet regulatory requirements. Enables entities across your multisite or global organisation to share the same master data, transactional data, business rules, and processes to standardise and streamline business practices. Easily add Users, Companies, Countries, as well as configuring more complex business scenarios.

  • Lower Your TCO

    In addition to improved productivity gains, lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) through the simplified Business Value Licensing model that ensures that you purchase the exact number of licenses you need; no more, no less. With options to easily add more licenses as your business grows.

  • Leverage your existing Microsoft Platform – Lower System Investment Risk

    It’s our fundamental value proposition: The interaction of ERP, business and productivity applications, communications solutions, and the underlying technology platform. We call it pervasive interoperability. Microsoft Dynamics is backed by an ongoing commitment to research, development, and innovation. This lowers your long term system investment risk. Microsoft Dynamics uses the power of the Microsoft platform to deliver a powerfully simple solution.